Writing a timeshare cancellation letter

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 It’s not easy to get out of a timeshare agreement. Smooth-talking salespeople will try to keep you on your contract or upsell or renegotiate the contract if you cancel.

The bad news is that Cancelling a Timeshare can be considered an Olympic-level endurance sport. It will take some time. It is possible, but it takes time. It is possible to get rid of your timeshare without paying any fees or following rigid schedules. Once you are free of your timeshare, it’s possible to travel wherever you want and whenever you want.

First things first. Let’s start the timeshare cancellation process by writing a letter to our timeshare company. Let’s look at some guidelines for writing a cancellation letter to your timeshare company.

The Do’s: How To Write a Timeshare Cancellation Notice

It’s time for you to act if you have reached your boiling point with your timeshare. Before you write a 10-page letter to your timeshare company, take a deep breath. Now take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Then, when you feel calm, start to draft your letter. Here are the steps.

1. Send your cancellation request by mail

This step cannot be skipped. You should buy a folder to store all of your timeshare cancellation records. It’s going to be very useful. You can’t send an email to cancel your timeshare. You must send it to your timeshare provider by way of a letter written in type and printed. Keep a duplicate for your records.

2. Include a request to cancel your timeshare.

It is important to be clear about why you want to cancel your timeshare. While you don’t need to be rude, it is important to be clear. You can use a subject line for printed correspondence, but it should read something like “Request to Cancel Timeshare” or “Timeshare Cancellation Request.”

Your request should be stated as soon as possible in the body of your correspondence. It should be in the first or second sentence. This process will take time so be patient. Don’t get bogged down. You can either say, “I am writing to request immediate cancelation of my timeshare agreement” or “This is a formal request for me to immediately terminate the timeshare contract.”

3. Make sure to list all important details.

The person who receives your timeshare cancellation notice has the job of stopping you from cancelling your timeshare. It’s that simple. It is your job to provide all details necessary to move forward with your request. You’ll be a complete failure to include important information. This gives them more time to ignore or convince you to stay. Do not give them this chance!

These details should be included in your timeshare cancellation letter:

  • Name of timeshare, as it appears on your contract
  • Name of the contract holder
  • The contract number
  • The purchase date
  • Your membership ID

Use bullets and bold the details. Don’t leave this important information in the middle or end of any paragraph. You want to be as transparent as possible.

4. Set expectations.

Timeshare companies make money by locking people in poor deals which depreciate quicker than cars. They will keep you in if you decide to leave.

Your letter should state that you don’t want to resell, transfer beneficiary or take any other ownership opportunity. They will try to convince you with one or more of these strategies. Do not fall for this! Be clear that you don’t believe it!

5. All correspondence should be sent by certified mail

These timeshare companies will not tell you that they haven’t received your letter. You can verify that they have received your request by sending it certified mail. Send the same for all future correspondence during the cancellation process.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Timeshare Cancellation Letter Writing

When you are writing your timeshare cancellation letter, don’t get too involved. It is easy to write too much (like how mad or depressed you are) and not enough (like the important contract details). These are the steps to keep you on track.

1. Do not get emotional or excessively long-winded.

When we are feeling fired up or frustrated, our communication skills often take a dive. This is precisely when you need to remain focused and firm.

This letter isn’t the next great American novel. It should be no more than a few paragraphs. Stop reminiscing about every disappointment and misstep you have ever had to deal with due to the actions of your timeshare company. Get off the computer. You can come back later to try again after you have cooled down.

Simply state that you are writing to terminate your contract and then provide the details of the contract they will need to review your account.

It’s okay to express your dissatisfaction about the increasing fees and inflexible dates . It should be two sentences. You don’t have to satisfy them.

2. Avoid using passive or hesitant language

Which sound more confident? I am writing to request the immediate termination of my timeshare agreement. Or, I was curious if it is possible to review and cancel my timeshare contract. It’s obvious, right?

While you don’t have to be aggressive or mean, it is important to be confident and direct. These are the pros. These people are pros. Avoid words like maybe, perhaps, hoping, wondering, if, possible. These words indicate someone who is able to convince you to stay.

3. Do not hold your breath.

We can’t tell you that cancelling your timeshare letter will guarantee that you are free to move on. It’s often just the first step in untangling your timeshare company. You should expect at least six months of back-and-forths. However, we have seen people fight it out for up to three years. Keep fighting! You’re now free to do what you want.

4. Do not try to do it all alone.

Although writing a cancellation letter for timeshares is a good start, don’t expect it to push you to the finish. Instead, connect with trusted experts who will help you deal with the timeshare scammers. They are experts in how to stop these timeshare companies from succeeding. Imagine how much better a sunset margarita tastes when you have it to yourself!

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