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We are Timeshare Ninjas, we work swiftly and quietly to help you get rid of your timeshare. 

Our ninjas have been in the timeshare industry for more than 20 years, we know what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly we know all the reputable timeshare exit companies (and how to avoid the shady ones). 

Our team

Our ninjas’ only goal is to help timeshare owner who no longer need or want to own it. There will almost always come a point in a timeshare owner’s life when timeshare ownership no longer makes sense. Perhaps your children are all grown up or your spouse has passed away, and you stopped taking as many family vacations as you used to. Maybe you lost your job or took a pay cut, and now you can’t afford to keep your timeshare anymore. Sudden raises in maintenance fees and special assessments have gotten out of hand? Are you wasting money on these fraudulent companies and listing services that haven’t done what they promised? Whether you inherited an unwanted timeshare or are frustrated by all the speed humps associated with scheduling a vacation, Global Transfer was created to help every situation. Timeshare Ninjas is not a listing service or a timeshare marketing company, and therefore DOES NOT charge any listing fees, any type of advertising fees, nor make any false promises to market your timeshare to a buyer that is made up. 

Our Mission – Consumer Protection – “Your rights were violated, and we’re here to make it right”

Once a consumer realizes how difficult to use and expensive their timeshare is, the first thing they do is contact the resort. Regardless of the resort, the conversation with customer service usually ends the same way, and the consumer is left feeling without any options or remorse.

When the client is sold on purchase of the timeshare, there are consistent levels of misrepresentation made by the representatives, regardless of the resort. From exaggerating about the ease of use, to falsifying the financial value of ownership, they use whatever means possible to secure a sale at the cost of the consumer.

When a client contact us, our first priority is to put our clients trust and faith into our process. By putting every client in relation with a case manager that will match his particular situation, we aim to build and maintain a level of confidence and dedication that can be relied on. We know it’s difficult to give trust, especially after being scammed by the resort representative, and disregarded by their customer service.

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