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Rising resort and maintenance fees, dishonest business practice,  failing health… whatever your reason, we can help to get out of your timeshare now.

How to cancel my timeshare contract?

First and foremost, know that there isn’t any sure way to get you out of a timeshare. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But, with Timeshare Ninjas, you’ll be in good hands. 

There are many reasons people might not want their timeshares any longer. People may be tempted to sell their timeshares due to misinformation made by the salesperson during the purchase, poor health, financial difficulties, inability to book the dates they desire year after year, and inability to use the property.

Once you decide I want to cancel my timeshare, the next and most important step is to seek out assistance from a timeshare exit company that has a solid, long-standing reputation for ethical business practice. And that’s exactly where timeshareninjas.com come from. Our only goal is to help you get navigate the muddy waters of timeshare exiting. We look at your case and put you in touch with a reputable firm that is a perfect fit for your particular timeshare story.

Choosing a timeshare exit company without researching could be expensive. We’ve owned timeshares ourselves, so we understand the stress you’re going through. Our Timeshare Ninjas will help you slash your contract. Don’t let a timeshare hold you back. Take back control of your money and your freedom. Our experts know how to help you move on from your timeshare.

Step 1

We put your in touch with a reputable timeshare exit company

Step 2

You discuss your needs, answer a few questions and submit your documentation

Step 3

Reach an agreement, get out of your timeshare, get your peace of mind back

Experienced Team You Can Trust

We recommend the best timeshare exit companies in America because at Timeshare Ninjas, we believe people should be able to get out of their timeshares with the help of an ethical, responsible, affordable and fair company. We are deeply concerned about timeshare, and we always try to find individualized solutions that will ease your financial and emotional burdens. Third-party exit companies are essential to ensure that timeshare companies keep their exit promises and not make empty promises to owners. With Timeshare Ninjas, we assure you that you’ll Timeshare cancellation will be done swiftly and easily. 

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We promise we won’t waste your time. We share a common goal: Timeshare freedom.

Timeshare Exit Strategy

Even though many people enjoy their timeshare, having one can turn out to be a bad financial decision. If you want to get rid of your timeshare, you first step should always be to contact your timeshare developer to discuss exit options.

If you feel overwhelmed with the task of exiting your timeshare, you should consider using a timeshare exit company which will fight on your behalf. But be aware that there are countless timeshare exit scams out there and you should always check the reviews with the Better Business Bureau before committing.

At Timeshare Ninjas, we only work with companies that we trust and which have demonstrated a high percentage of successful exits. We will absolutely put you in touch with the best in the business. 


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“I am a retired CPA and Tax Consultant. I have attempted to dispose of a timeshare unit. I attempted to give back the unit to the seller, but they were not interested in taking it back. When I originally purchased my timeshare, I thought it would be a good investment. Lon story short, it was a burden. Thank you for helping get rid of it”                  CN, Virginia Beach, VA

“It has been a blessing to me to have my timeshare off my back, out of my name, no more obligations or responsibilities has just been phenomenal.” JB, Miami, FL

“After many attempts to sell our two timeshares in Newport, RI, we were so grateful to find someone who could help. It’s such a relief to finally get out of these timeshares. Thank you.” CS, Columbia, CT

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