6 ways to ditch your timeshare

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You realize you don’t want your time share anymore, how do you get rid of it? Here are six ways:

1. Ask the developer if he can resell your time share for you. Hilton resort, for example, will take resales once its own units are gone. Same for a Marriott when it runs out of inventory to sell. Other developers have similar secondary markets in order to help owners resell their time shares. Of course, this remains the exception rather than the rule but it should be your first option.

2. Find a licensed real-estate broker who specialized in time shares and handles resales. Those are not very common so make sure you do your research. Also beware of the scammers, unlicensed brokers who falsely claim to have customers for you. They will get you, the desperate seller, to pay hundreds of dollars upfront, then disappear with the money.

3. Sell at auction, you can even consider eBay.

4. Sell the property yourself through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

5. If all options above have failed, try giving the property back to the developer. You won’t get anything back, mone wise, but at least you won’t be responsible for the never ending maintenance fees. Many developers will refuse but some might accept if you can prove hardship and if they figure out they can easily resell.

6. Pay an honest timeshare exit company to help you negotiate.

Do not stop paying, the developers will go after you, some might report you to a credit bureau. The resorts most likely to send a collection lawyer after you are those run by HOAs.

You might think that dying would help as well, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Like it or not, your heirs will inherit the time share and with it the annual maintenance fee.

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